Julian Wachholz

Photograph of Julian Wachholz

I am a Python and JavaScript engineer with a passion for performant and clean code. I love fast and beautiful websites, enjoy writing succinct documentation and using TDD. Sometimes I experiment with new technology to learn new skills for fun.

I live in beautiful Zürich, Switzerland. I enjoy riding motorcycles and playing board and video games with friends.

Connect with me

My projects

  1. word.rodeo
    Weekend project in the spirit of Wordle that lets you share custom puzzles.
  2. TriviaRoyale
    Compete for points in a game of Trivia online against your friends!
  3. SurprisePackage.me (defunct) –
    Sign up for surprise packages for yourself or friends!
  4. Liar's Dice on IRC
    Bluff your way to win this game of dice.
    Join ##liarsdice on irc.freenode.net to play now!
  5. JS Bimaru
    Solve battleship puzzles with my implementation of this newspaper puzzle game.
  6. CSS only clock
    Animated clock in the Swiss railway style.

Work & skills

  1. inaffect
    Building innovative software for the web.
  2. Quatico Solutions
    Native web components pattern catalogue.
  3. Avectris
    Built a multi-cloud management system in Kubernetes, Go and React.
  4. Polynorm
    Python 3 with Django 2.0, Flask, Javascript / ES2016 with React and MongoDB.
  5. Netagenda
    Ported entire application from .NET to Django.
  6. Gonnado
    Python 3 with Django. Cordova based mobile application.
  7. Unic
    PHP 5 with TYPO3.