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If you were active in various online communities around 10 years ago, no doubt you may have come across the mysterious Cicada 3301 series of puzzle challenges. Other companies put out their own tricky cryptographic challenges to find the right candidate for some of their jobs.

So I wanted to create my very own adaptation, with some twists around web development. After collecting a few ideas in a spreadsheet I ... let it sit around for 9 years.

This week I released 1 - the culmination of almost a decade of thought about tricky web dev techniques and surround areas. Try to beat the 20 challenging steps and get your place in the hall of fame! :)

This interactive treasure hunt requires knowledge around internet technologies and a little wit and maybe some CTF skills. Do you have what it takes?

I've been collecting a little bit of feedback here and there and was able to improve the hints and make it less frustrating, but if you find something or you're really stuck, I'm happy to help you out a little here and there. :)

  1. Schnitzeljagd is German for scavenger hunt